• Verify and process claim notifications to appropriate insurance carriers
  • Coordinate visits of loss adjusters
  • Attend claim review meetings
  • Assist customer in loss adjustment
  • Review denied claims for correct coverage applications

Our Service Workflow Provides You With:

  • Integrated handling of all claims
  • Loss History Reports
  • Loss Control Analysis and other related reports
  1. Claim document completed and signed.
  2. Invoices or estimates of replacement or repairs required.
  3. Photos of property damage.
  4. Photos before the property was damaged.
  5. Report written by expert that has or will repair the property.
  6. Evidence of materials and labor expense if property will be repaired with internal resources.
  7. Bank statements, invoices, receipts and cancelled checks are required that support loss of income and/or additional expenses.
  8. Any other document or information that may could help the Insurance company or agent substantiate your claim and replacement costs.
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