Founded in 1954, Assurex Global is an exclusive Partnership of the most prominent independent agents and brokers in the world. With $28 billion in annual premium volume and more than 600 Partner offices, Assurex Global is the world’s largest privately held commercial insurance, risk management and employee benefits brokerage group. An international insurance powerhouse, the Partnership combines the local expertise and global reach of international brokers on six continents.

With a presence in over 80 countries, BrokersLink is one of the largest groups of independent insurance brokerage firms in the world. Fueled with a passion for the insurance business, the organization provides the countries with a local synergy and a global consistency. Multinational clients rely on this synergy and consistency to effectively address their risks exposure, and these qualities put BrokersLink at the cutting edge of the insurance industry.

LARS Brokers is the main Latin American network of Independent Insurance Brokers.  With more than 200 clients in its region, LARS provides an extremely professional service and high standard Risk Coverage, uniform to each country.    They are distinguished by their excellent service skills, combined with the creation of unique solutions perfect for each client’s reality; and their innovative attitude towards risk.  In other words, LARS is a real alternative for businesses with a Multi Latin vision.

In 12 years, with 200 members worldwide, US $17B in premium and presence in 130 countries, the network of unisonSteadfast enables its members to smoothly expand operations in any country in the world.  Brokering insurance on behalf of industrial customers, industry insiders call it "the fastest growing brokerage network in the world." The satisfaction of its members and the quality of its services has allowed the unisonSteadfast network to become the third largest independent producer of insurance business worldwide. Unisono (Italian for “harmony”), where participants of an orchestra play the same melody in different octaves, considers its mission to find specific customizable solutions to meet the daily but never exactly identical demands of its members and clients around the world.

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